February 14, 2009

Hi guys :)

I'm finally back to bloggin. Really tired and have been working late at office with my clicks. Anyways, I've managed to do and meet up some of my peeps :)

Met toothy after work and we had fun shopping :)

I bought almost a hundred bucks worth of scrapbooking materials to do my Vday present and sadly by the time , I wanted to do it, I realised the sales assistant forgot to pack my glitter stuffs in and those bunch of glitters were a slightly expensive for glitters. -_-"

Anyways, we managed to get Anna Sui makeup too :) I love them so much :)

Heres the bunch of haul (Not all that i've bought) I've spent so much this month and haha oh bo

Anna Sui -- Beidge gold eyeshadow creme (I usually use this as a base)
Peach and milk hand creme
Hakubi vitamin B and C
Body shop Kabuki brush ( really smooth and this cost about $40)
Etude House -- peaches lip gloss
Majolica Mascara
Majolica Hot pink and white eyeshadow
Anna sui Eyeshadow in purple
Canmake blusher
Gold shadows from Silky Girl
These bunch of items cost me about 3**. Crap...haha..so much for telling myself that i'm gonna save. I've spent enough money to buy a Gucci bag. Anyways, I'm hoping to get put some money for my Holiday trip which i'm taking on my birthday. I'm not sure if i'm inviting anyone but I'm planning a sweet and nice relaxing holiday for myself and my loved ones.

My initial plan was to throw a birthday party at Z**** but since my aunt know the boss there :) but come to think about it, I just wanna spend that whole week just with the people I love...

I need a good rest since i've been really sick and i've lost so much of weight.

I think i'm going to be even more tiny as what my colleagues said...I've been taking too much of pills and seriously i'm hoping I don't die of OD.

Anyways, i'm going for "BreakOut" tonight at the esplanade theatres :)
Happy valentines day to all :)