September 28, 2008

Baby came over and we were suppose to have Ice cream at Swensen's however, I was as usual slow in preparing and we couldn't make it so we went to Causeway to get our stuffs at the supermarket :)

Xian wanted to reach home early to watch the F1 so we kinda grabbed our stuffs and went home...
Warm Chicken soup with Pasta and herbs :)
Mashed Potatoes with Black Roasted Chicken ("v")

In case, you were wondering what happened to my frindge, I decided to sweep it aside as I didn't have anymore hairspray...and I was too lazy to use straighten my hair.

Anyways, I'm going to bed now...I'm so sleepy and i've got to get my ass up tomorrow...and I so need to call the bank and get some stuffs done ^_^

Hv a great Monday ahead babes!!