September 7, 2008

Updates :)

Helluu...I've been real busy and I'm glad Sasa and I have some plans to travel so it's time to save lots of money. Anyways, i'm going out laters and i've got to get my crystals so that I can do my DS :)

I'm a happy bean and tomorrow i'm going to the hospital. So i'll be on 1/2 day. Anyways I miss Sasa and I'm really shock that _____ just gave birth. Kai, I think you're pretty shocked too!Oh my...Shit happens...Anyways, here are some pics of my brother and I during his birthday....He's without his piercings and he does look alot better without them :)

It's amazing when all of a sudden you have a new goal in life and you keep working towards it.I'm so happy :) and what's best if you have a buddy who is willing to travel around with you? Oh my effin goodness I'm happy :)

Hva great Sunday people!!