September 28, 2008

Super Long Holla' so don't bother reading if it bores you...

Holla!! I've done up my new email and my page. It's gonna be opening soon and i'm going to put all my heart and soul into this. The previous name was kinda dumb so yeah everything's gonna be up once I'm done with all the completed projects. I've done up two and I'm planning to release some partially as i've been too way too busy doing too much...

I'm happy and I can't be bothered with what anyone says. No more cookie cutter shit that everyone has. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same and doing the same. I guess it's good to be under your own skin instead of following what everyone's doing. So point taken. Do what you like and be happy with it cause you'll never know what will be the outcome until you've tried.

Anyways, I've pushed my studies again to a later date. I need to re-think on what I really wanna do and I'm going to pursue them. I've got good friends who think i'm nuts and will go all out to put you down and then again i've got good friends who will stand by you always and no matter what. Then again, the only thing that i've learnt and will always remember is that everyone's got different thoughts on things and some people or most people at times can never see things like how you want them to and it's natural cause everyone's different. I've learnt them hard and I guess it's made me a better person.

Sometimes, there's no point being sad or angry and before you actually jump at someone, why not think twice and put yourself in their shoes. Of course, when I say that, it doesn't mean that you'll have to be so square and comply that to every single situation.

There are times, I'll just wake up and i'll start thinking on how tired I am and how crappy my day might be but in the end, i'll wakeup and realise that i've got nothing to complain about. I love the people I meet everyday (okay maybe not everyday) and I love my life now. I have time for my life and I'm laughing almost everyday.

Nothing's ever easy and I must say that I really do feel sorry for the people I met before and how sad they still are doing the same thing everyday and how miserable they feel in their holes. You've got a choice and I was really sad when I was there. I was kinda sad on the way they treated others and being mean to each other. Seriously, we're talking about me as a kid, seeing Grownups (I repeat GROWNUPS) being childish and ridiculous. Initially, I was angry. Without a doubt, I was really angry and before I knew it, I became just like them. Nothing but simply being Spiteful and horrid.

I'm not angry anymore and I don't see a point to be. I just hope that they will be able to see that life's not about being the first or the best. I may not be the best in what you do but I know that everyone has a good point in them. I'm not teaching you how to run your life and I guess deep down, you'll know better on whether you're happy and Yes, I'm also not saying that I'm the only whose happy and jumpy all 24/7. I don't see a need to digress anymore and I guess only you'll know yourself best!

Anyways, I've compiled a list of things to complete :

- Get my basic theory completed (I've procastinated on this for like almost 1 1/2 yrs)
- Get my class schedule done
- Get my lost cards replaced
- Get my memberships done
- Go to the Libary to return my books and borrow a new book
- Get my room packed and cleared
- Get my crystals to bling up my stuffs
- Get my handphone (I might be changing my no. btw)
- Get my school stuffs done
- Get the travel plans ready (I swear i'm so freaking lazy to call up the agency)

I swear i'm so gonna do everything soon...

and yes, I so want to go for Halloween. haha.. I heart Dumbshit. It's good to go for a retreat and get yourself working and I'm so planning to not to be here on my next birthday and I've got this crazy idea to get my ass to Male (Maldives) on my 21st birthday but in the meanwhile, I should really start thinking of what I really am gonna do.

Yes, my friends think i'm nuts and the craziest thing tt got them to think that I'm even crazier was me using slimming products. Haha...I'm freaking random...and yes, that's Phy for you.

So yes, I've gonna get my ass cracking and i'm gonna do my stuffs now...So for now is TU Lu!!Mwacks!!