September 20, 2008

Yippy it's Saturday

I've been quite disappointed with somone.Don't really wanna talk about it cause it's kinda pointless..Just wanna let you know tt you've been apart of me since school days and etc. Seeing you like that makes me sad...You'll always be tt one and only pretty barbie in my life :)

When you're feeling better ring me up...

and we'll start planning kays?Don't let yourself down sweetie...

Anyways, baby and I met up yesterday and had dinner together :) I wore my new dress and thanks for the compliments haha...I'm enjoying everyday and i've got to get a new dress for my upcoming dinner with the best people and not to forget to get my other stuffs. I've been masking my face more frequently and stop being so lazy.

...and yes my camera's not charged yet and thus I can't get all the photos...and my scanner is dead cause I took neoprints with my darling baby boy :)

I love him so much...thats for sure...I'm so happy he like all the stuffies I got for him :)

I've got another suprise but I can't let him know yet...

Anyways, ___ bro is gg to ____ so yeah I can buy Coach things!!Yippy...can die liao...and I'm might be gg to BKK with Regina too :)