March 29, 2009

Coming out of the Suitcase

I cooked Tomyam soup with seafood and mushrooms and not to forget fried spicy noodles. I'm so tired cause something happened lastnight and all I can remember is my crying and this morning I woke up with a huge big bump on my forehead and some cuts.

I'm feeling super tired and and i'm not sure if i'm going to leave my house today cause i'm kinda tired to dress up and all :)
Bestie boob uploaded this picture of me take a few roads across my place :) and me in my half drunken state :) I was drinking a pack of soymilk and bestie boob couldn't help but snap a pick of me haha...
oh and guess what ? I ended throwing up both the milk, jug of orange and tequila and my dinner.haha...I guess I was just too tired... anyways, i've been on certain projects and when everything's done i'll open it oficially.

It's just that i've been very very tired and worn out with too many things happening.

It's not even 3pm and i'm going to take my pills and sleep till tomorrow morning I guess..haha...oh and i'm might be getting another phone...Speaking of which, i'm really getting irritated with people telling me like how much I spend and i'm like such a brat?Damn you people should get it straight to your bloody head. I don't touch my parents money at all and I have a decent job just like everyone else. I don't bum around and whatever I have are either gifts or self bought.

Yes it's true that I might not be holding a job that pays me 10 , 000 a month but that doesn't mean the things I buy which are a lil costly are paid by my parents.

I am sake of people telling me like how pitiful my parents are, cause they have to support my addiction. Oh let me get it straight to your face!My parents are not the least bit pitiful and my mom doesn't even work .

I take my parents out and do almost everything and get them almost everything they like as a small gift from me. People, tell me things like ,"If I have a daughter like you, i'll be so sad" oh and to top it off, I told my dad that and you know what he said? He said," Tell them to talk to me if they ever say that again" My dad even wanted to give me credit card but I told him I don't need one when I can pay by bills in cash and by my own.

I'm also sake and tired of people telling me like I have boyfriends that buy me lots of things and drive me around like a brat. Let me clarify this to you people, I don't need a boyfriend to drive me around cause I can fucking afford cabs and I don't need to a boyfriend to buy me things cause i've buy most of my things myself. Thoe whole bloody point is that I do not rely on anyone and I'm happy as it is.

If you people have so much concern on how I spend my mone,I suggest that you guys to go and be some financial advisor for other people who need it more than I do and keep your mouths shut.
I' don't mean to blog about this here but i've got to rant out and not just keep quiet anymore.

I've been keeping a rather quiet and simple life lately as I am very busy and I need rest and space alone. I don't mind sharing my things or tips with people but I do not like it when people bombard me with the price and stuffs like that. Yes, I can spend almost $1000 + on my cosmetics but thats my business and I DO NOT OWE ANYONE AN EXPLANATION cause i'm just an average kid who wants more and who works hard. So get that into your bloody brain!

I'm just pissed and i'm going to have my binge food now to comfort the hell out of me.

Hv a great weekend :)