March 28, 2009

It's the weekends and I'm really tired and crappy cause I went partying with my bestie boop on Thursday till the morning and went to work after that and I'm really missing the loud music and crazy dancing...

Party was pretty alright haha :) The thing that puzzles me was the guys that danced with us. I danced with this really hot looking guy however, he was really short. Like super short but everything else about him rocked and danced four quite awhile before I got sick and tired of it and kinda felt like I was dancing with a lil kid...haha woops :P

Next, I met this guy who was really tall and pretty fit for his size however, he had this super blur and "duh" look, everytime, when I looked at him haha and soon , I got real real sick and tired ogf him...and we decided to leave while the guys went for smoke break...Oh and this is my first time not getting super super wasted at ___ cause I only had a jug of orange Juice and tequila.

The DJ kinda messed the night up a lil cause he was spinning sappy love breakup songs and sentimental songs? and not to forget Sesame Street theme song?Damn what the hell was he thinking? I seriously felt like I was gonna die in the club or something...

Anyways, the funniest thing was when we were in the toilet and this lesbian kept grabbing me and she even said that I was her girlfriend. Seriously i've got nothing against homo people and seriously I support them but this girl just ditz me off cause she was like super screaming and acting all guyish and stuffs.Damn...

Oh and bestie lost her cash on our way home and we stopped by to get cash and drinks and took a slow walk back. We looked like two homeless girls with party clothes haha...On our way back, there was this 2 guys riding and they passed by us. Shortly , they made a u-turn and they followed us back...When we were reaching my home, this guy came to us and asked for our numbers and I was seriously freaked out.We told him that we were not the least bit interested and bestie hailed a cab back to her place while I acted like nothing happened and walked off haha!!

These people never fail to amuse us...anyways, I forgot my camera and in the end, we only had a few pathetic peektures from my phone :( which obviously sucked...ha...I slept like only 2hours and went straight to office the next day.I was really glad that I didn't have a hangover or something but I was really tired and restless the whole day :(

Anyways, I've been shopping like crazy!!I'll post the pictures when i'm free :) and i'm so looking forward to having dinner next week at Merchant's court hotel with my grand aunt cause I really wanna buy her a good and yummy dinner and money doesn't really matter as long as she's happy :) and I can't wait to pass Aunty wen her belated birthday present which I got from Aldo and I'm really hoping she'll like it :)

Oh and I can't wait till August cause Carrot and I are most probably going to Hongkong or Langkawi so we're still planning and stuffs. I'm really excited cause I love holidays!Who doesn't?I can't wait to get my ass of and do nothing all day but just enjoy shopping and eating.

Anyways, i'm gonna go get showered and do my makeup cause i'm going out to grab groceries and we're cooking dinner :) oh and lastnight I had a craving and decided to have chinese food nearby with my family and I wacked on the sambal kangkong, hotplate tofu and of course sweet and sour meat :) i'm freaking eating like mad and i'm gonna satisfy my cravings by having bubble tea and ice cream laters :) and i'm so gonna use my sewing maching and alter my jeans tomorrow and shorten some dresses cause I like my dresses short... Miao!

Bestie boob and me half drunked and wracked from all that partying...Ciao!!