July 3, 2008

Tired tired tired

I'm very very tired. Today was one of the most horrid days I've ever had in such a long time. I met 2 fugly people. I didn't even react or bother cause i'm not letting anyone ruin my day. First, I took a cab to OG at Albert Street. The taxi driver drove me to Teka Mall and stop me there and told me that that's OG. I was like, what the fuck?

So, I asked him (Nicely), "Uncle, sorry ah, but this doesn't look like OG?"

The mother effin cab driver replied (Shouting)," This is OG lor or you walk some more la than find la!"

I was like so fedup cause I was rushing and I wasn't feeling well. So, I was nice and paid him and went down. Tried to find my way and some guy was nice enough to direct me here and there. After my meeting, I went to get stuffs and went for another appointment.

Baby picked me up after my appointment and we had lunch nearby. My favourite usual place for Wanton Mee and guess what?I met another fugly person. I was waiting for my turn to order and this lady raised her voice at the stall owner. Not wanting to be a busybody, I totally act dumb and decided to just not bother.
Since, the rude lady's order was a takeaway, I wanted to take my tray and utensils. So, being a nice kid, I said, "Excuse me" and smiled at her.

The rude lady turned and said," Excuse me for what?You just walk la!"

I replied,"I'm only being polite.What is your problem?"

Rude Lady replies,"So rude!"

I ignored...

Rude Lady picks up her food and says,"You look like ****..."

I replied very casually and smiled, " Aunty, i'm so so sorry...but... you look like an old hag. " and I gave her a face to show her some sympathy.

The rude lady got so mad, she stomped off...haha...I was laughing and I was so amused. These people never ever fail to amuse me. I love them and somehow without them, life would be boring without entertainment. I should have given her DR ______ 's number to get some plastic surgery. She should maybe go for a nose job and some botox? I felt so sorry for that Aunty... and one more thing, who the hell is she to like scold me?Even my mom and dad aren't like that...

Anyways, i'm just happy and i'm much more laid back now.I got too many things to think of. I hardly have the energy to talk on the phone and I hardly have time to do what I want. Oh wells...After eating, baby and I went to get my materials and i've got to start and complete some stuffs.

Very very tired.Baby's just as tired after settling all that insurance stuffs and the car's gone for a week =(
My New Sewing Machine from Baby ;)

Black satin and Linen Fabrics and other stuffs :)

I went nuts and bought $50 of accesories. I've got more than a few hundred stuffs from Diva.I love love love accesories :)

Till then, Goodnight people...I'm waiting for the weekends to come. I'm cancelling all my appointments for baby. Really wanna go club but car's gone and it'll be a hassle and i'm not feeling well.

Baby, if you see this, I love you alot. I'm happy to have you around and you're amazing in everyway... lastnight's accident, made me realise that life would be empty without you. I'm glad you're okie and I still have you around. I meant it when I said you could use my current ring as our promise ring. I really don't need that crazy ring you were going to buy. Kays?