July 3, 2008

No Time No Time

Okies, i've only got about fifteen minutes to blog, check through my mails. I've got to get prepared ASAP cause i've got an appointment and another appointment in the afternoon. Damn tired...

A short update with no pictures yet cause i've obviously have no time. I've got appointments and projects on hand... =)

Yesterday, we met into a car accident. Baby's sending the car to the workshop and all. I'm glad no one got hurt and everyone's fine and remember in my previous post that my cranky sewing machine died on me and yadayadayada...

Oh wells baby, bought me another sewing machine =) and i'm going to shop for fabrics to do my dress and not forgetting to alter all my oversized clothes which I bought on impulse. Next, i'm gonna do my nightie and maybe some simple dresses for friends. (If I have the time)

I love you baby... didn't expect you to do that *Smiles*

Anyways, went to my Friendster Account and saw this...Made me laugh...Please go ahead and click to enlarge. I can't believe these people. Willing to pay me for my time?For a date?

No clubbing tonight cause i'm not really in the pink of health to club and guess what?Mommy bought Bacardi Breezers for me. I love the peach flavour so much.It's such a refreshing drink. I'm gonna buy another few more Vodkas.haha...

Okies, bye bye people...see you when I get home =p