July 4, 2008


Slept really late lastnight and woke up late. Wanted to go Luna tonight with the rest but i'm so tired to club and so many things to do. Missing Baby alot... Went to my Friendster and saw this message again from the same guy...He's prolly sending it in a mass amount or something.

Anyways, i'm very sleepy. Sleepy as in the real sleepy kind.Not the hangover kind. Can't wait for baby to come over cause I really really really need someone here to hug. My baby's like a stuffed teddy bear. Even though,we go nuts at times and I can be a real horrid little girl at times, I'm glad that we're still here for each other. I still wear my Bugis Skinny Jeans and you wear your Levis jeans and we're still in love. Okay?

Not forgetting my best man friend....hehe...I love you buddy and when when when is my dinner and movie with Gabby and Gabby GF + you???Huh???I hope school's alright for ya and all..Love you!

Have a great Friday people and don't forget to drink lots of water cause the weather's effin random and not to forget annoying....