July 13, 2008


Okies, I received an email from CozyCot.


We are writing from CozyCot, Singapore Number 1 women's site. We are searching on Internet every day for interesting blogs to recommend to our members and we found yours. We like it and we think your blog is a place where Cotters (CozyCot members) would like to read too.

Do you want instant recognition, instant increase in traffic to your blog/website and get products at no cost? If you do, this email contains a rare opportunity for you to do so. Read on.

CozyCot Crew

haha....what a nice suprise...hmmm I was like browsing through my mails and I saw this...haha...anyways, i've got no much plans for Sundays =)

I guess i'll be meeting the girls for food and all..

Enjoy your Sunday Guys!!

muacks xoxoxo...

P.S sasa,I'm missing Alistair. Alistair if you're seeing this, msn me or drop me an email. I'll like to know when you're coming back from Aussie...