September 26, 2009

Hi guys :)

I'm back.. after like almost a month.... Well i've been really busy with so many things and I hardly have the time to blog. Anyways, I managed to get some stuffs from Majolica Mojorica's new collection.

I got myself the new Honey Lipgloss in a nude shade. This is definitely more pigemented and moisturising than the old version. It isn't tacky and sticky which is a good point and there's only a slight hint of frangrance.

Other than the lipgloss, I got myself the highlighter which is a new product. I don't think this is really worth buying as it doesn't really give much glow to my skin and it's only pretty in the pan. Texture wise is pretty smooth and I guess this would be sitting in my cupboard for a long long time...

Before I go, I'll like to post up a picture of my the Agnes B tote bag and Anna Sui multi case which came with the Japanese magazines I bought. Oh boy were they sold out fast and the man was so sweet to queue up for me as they only had 10 copies brought into Singapore for that particular shipment.

Anyways, I'll just like to say a big thankyou for those who have followed me on my blog and I'll try to blog more often :) Have a great weekend ahead guys :)