May 20, 2009

I'm back :) I just came back from the hospital as I had another round of check up and stuffs... Had to do blood tests again and honestly, there's no amount of words to describe how much i hate those needles...

Anyways, I got myself these palettes from Majolica :) They're available at Ngee Ann City Watsons and I guess they'll be released at all the other outlets at month end. Each palette retails for $27.50. A lil pricy but the powder is smooth to touch and is definitely easy to blend :) I got myself the green and purple palette as I figured that the pink ones would be way off for me and the brown ones weren't really that unique either...

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the palettes but they're definitely a not-must-have as I still prefer MAC palettes which are really pigmented and fine :)

Oh and the other day, the boy decided to get me this as I didn't purchase the re-chargable batteries for my WII and I was pretty shocked when I realised that this cost $60. However, the boy said that it was worth it as he knew I love the Rabbits from Rayman Rabbits and that I wouldn't need to keep buying AA batteries :)

I've also heard that Etude house would be opening in Singapore on the 1st of June at Plaza Singapura however, I pretty sure , I wouldn't be purchasing much from there as i'm quite sure the prices would be marked up at least by 30 % when I can get them at much cheaper prices when I'm out of Singapore.

I'm right now lemming for some Jill Stuart Make up as well as some Dior glosses which I've beenn craving for and i'm definitely going to get the ZA Pore Cream which has just been released as I've heard some good reviews and also Sasa's HD foundation which was highly raved by Kimoko :)

Lastly, here's one of the pics I took before heading out on my birthday :) I really liked how my lip colour here looks however, I realised that my lips tend to look way too bright in real life :(

I'm going to have some bean paste cakes and a cup of hot chocolate after having a very hearty meal at TungLok's :) Goodnight folks :)