May 28, 2009

Hi everyone :) I'm back :) I've been back to Hospital again and I'm going back to hospital laters to see another doctor. I've been really sad being sick but oh wells nothing's gonna eat into my brain...

I'm really happy blogging and blog hopping these days :) I just wanna say a big thankyou to those who have been following my blog and I really do love reading your blogs and learning new makeup techniques or just reading up about your lives :)

Anyways, I don't have too many pics cause I was in Hospital and one thing that I've got to say is that no amount of words can express on how much I hated the IV. It's so so so painful and there was once I accidently hit it too hard and it started to bleed.

I'm really hoping things would get a lil better and things would go back to the way they were supposed to be... I've got so many things to blog about and I can't wait to do so...I've got to go get prepared for the doc's appointment soon and not be late.

I hope everything's great for you ladies out there :) I'll blog again maybe tonight??