August 4, 2008


Felt sick really horrid cause I can't get to bed without those pills. I'm not reliant on pills but my brain refuses to shutoff everynight. I've not been drinking and maybe I should drink a little to help me go to bed.

Went to see the doctor and got some pills again. I'm not sure if i'm gonna take them tonight. Anyways, I kinda got into so crappy issue and tada...looks at my legs...There's one more on my forehead and another one forming on my arm..

Crap I know...Anyways, got some stuffs today as we were on the way. Pretty top that I love so much and some munch munch for my girls =) haha...Bought baby another shirt today and i'm so happy that he likes it...

I'm so sad now cause I look like a bruised prune..and I'm gonna watch "The Mummy" with baby tomorrow and have yummy western food on Wednesday and etc...Even though, i've got so much to think of and so much to do, I'm happy that there are always people around me who will make me smile everyday =) and that's all that matters.

Goodnights people... =)