August 9, 2008

Many excuses...

Came home late lastnight cause I went out With Jas and Jes. Had dinner at Sketches and I felt so bloody sick on my way home.I puked everything out. I swear I'm not anorexic. I just felt sick after having too much cream and cheese. Not to forget KFC for lunch.

Yesterday so many things made me wanna cry. Damn...We were suppose to go do some shopping and while we were in Topshop, Ser Wee went missing in less than 5 minutes. Tried searching for him and I got so worried that he might have gotten kidnapped or something?Cause he's the only person I know who carries a whole stack of notes for no ryhme reason.

Plus, not to forget, he's not a local and he might get lost for nuts. We tried dialing his mobile phone which was obviously transferred to his other mobile no. which is used when he's not in Singapore.haha....It'll be sad if I lost a friend like him who buys bubble tea together with us and who steps on my flip flops almost everyday...haha... he's amazingly always.. =)

After all the fun, something happened which made me cry the whole night and got me crying again when I woke up. Puffy eyes and a sniffed up nose isn't anything new to me..

Might me gg clubbing with _____ . Haha...and Fish soup with Mr Moody soon...I hope...If you can't always be happy, find excuses to make yourself happy. For my case, a little blow up in the pocket won't hurt...Right?haha....

Love you people! Happy hollies.... and i'm already planning my getaway trip.... I really need this trip so the meanwhile, I might also go nuts and book a hotel stay in Sentosa..