August 17, 2008

Latricia's One!!

Met baby late in the evening and we went to buy the gifts. Bought Baby Latricia a pretty white collar dress and I swear she'll look freaking adorable in that. Bought my dearest Bestie PY a charm bracelet with a big bling heart cause I know she likes pretty bracelets.

Dinner was good and the food was awesome. Peranakan and nonya cruisine. Amazingly good and warm to the heart. I was freaking tired the whole night cause of the terrible latenights. None of my friends are normal I guess :)....babe called me at around 1plus in the morning..She's so cute la and just like me, we have severely irregularly sleeping patterns.

Anyways, seeing Latricia and Latrell, I swear I wanna have kids. I wouldn't mind even if they're adopted cause i'm not too sure if I want to go through the whole 9-month issue. Anyways, I doubt baby will be agreeable to that...
The last time I saw Latricia was during her 1month old birthday party. She's really grown alot and she looks really like PY. I'm happy for PY cause she's got her two lovely children by her side. My dearest Elaine (MOM) couldn't make it cause of some family issues and it was also two of here kids birthday. I miss her so much :) Cause she's sweet and everything and a person who never ever says no whenever I need help.All the crazy times we had during CCS and oh my I'll always remember the super thick yellow lemon wedges we had together with tequila.

Mommy and adorable Latricia ("v")

Cutting her first birthday cake ("v")

Blowing her first candle...("v")

Precious moments of mommy and baby ("v")
The couples ("v")

Look at Latrell :)

Anz And Peg Tooth ("v")

After the dinner,Anz drove us back and baby and I spent sometime together. I like being with baby and snuggling under the quilts and just being together...

Anyways, here's the large haul of stuffs baby got me from Taiwan...I appreciate it lots baby and I love you just as much as you do.

Jill Stuart Mirror (So in love with this)
Accessories :)

My Favourite...Giorgio Armani Makeup...It's not out in Singapore!!!

So Happy cause I love all the presents and I hope baby likes the pressie I got for him too...I'm so freaking tired cause mom woke me up this morning....had breakfast and i'm now blogging :)
I'm still in dilemma on whether I should take up the offer and i'm so freaking tired of thinking. Haha..Might be going to the supermarket later cause i'm gonna have steamboat with baby?I miss him lots and can't wait for him to come over...Till then...Love you people!!Enjoy!!!