August 15, 2008


Wed : Met up with Jayson and we had dinner and shopping...That boy's going for a holi with his babe =) and we're hanging out soon!!

Thursday : Clubbing at _______. I'm totally crazy cause I slept at 4am and got up at 7am.Haha...I'm also happy cause i've got a________ and I can only tell the closest people I know.I'm not sure if I want another change...It'll be quite boring :( Anyway, I got really really hopelessly drunk!!

Anyways, baby's flying back tonight and he's comin' over tonight. We've got a birthday party to attend tomorrow and only the best of the best will be attending :) I'm so happy cause life is Suuuurrrrrweeeeeeet with all these people around.Oh and I got baby something :) ... I bet he'll be so happy...It cost quite abit but it's worth it!!Only for my baby...I'm a happy girl. I just need one more thing in my life.... I've got so many things to blog but I'm sick and tired of being intruding into my life.It's annoying...

Anyways, i'm only praying for one more's all...Dunno if i'll get it but I hope i'll get it....

("v")Love love