June 21, 2008


Went to Ikea Yesterday...Freaking gigantic and enormous...Didn't manage to get the bed..However we got lots of stuff to "zheng"the bed...Total bill was :X haha...love my bed the way it is..giant fluffy and I need to get more pillows...

Messy bed..Love the giant quilt cause it's even better and more comfy =)

Wanted to get the white sheets but they were all sold out =(

Anyways, was really fun and the food there was great...Definitely going back there to get my closet and shoes cabinet or I might go nuts and buy a display table just for shoes...Since I've got nothing better to do. *Evil grin*

Plain simple Mugs for coffee...

After shopping at Ikea, we went to the Giant SuperMarket which was just opposite...

Bought some groceries...cause i'm preparing a simple dinner tonight...Grilled salmon, poached potatoes and brocolli with cream sauce and clam chowder soup. Not forgetting cheese cake for

Salmon...my favourite =)

Anyways, not much photos cause i've yet to upload them to Picasa and i'm going for my tan now and gonna have lunch at Bistro!Yippy...shorts and baby tee...I might highlight my hair a little blond..haha..

Enjoy your weekends guys!Muacks...

P.S. Genie, thanks for waking me up at 3am for fun...Love you just as much as you do babe...Mwacks!