May 3, 2008


Major oh no!I just started using Misscha's Real Fluid Foundation and I swear by it. No more expensive brands that don't work.

I just bought it a few days ago and kept having this "FEEL" that it's gonna be sold out or worse discontinued. I've called almost all the branches and to my horror it's gonna be discontinued. OMG!!I'm devasted la...

Anyways, i've already reserved the few bottle they have left *Winks*

Went out with baby yesterday after work...and we went shopping!!

Bought clothes for my mummy and bro and of course MYSELF!I bought hawt boxers and socks for baby....haha...I also need to buy lots and lots of nail stuffs soon...hehe..and look at my new ring.I'm so in love with it!!*Hearts*
I love the green skirt.It says "Playeur" or whatever the word is, it's pretty and it's rara..I'm gonna wear it with some kitchy shirt or something...

My nails now are french and I like them this way.Simple and hassle like like like like!!Okay I know it's quite silly to pose my fingers with this bottle of cream. But, I seriously swear by this body butter.It's so good that it makes you smell like a walking fruit..By the way, it's from BodyShop and it's only $18.00 or something..

and lastly a silly and old photo of Myself...

No mood to blog.Going shopping soon with baby and we're gonna catch the movie Iron Man...Bye people!Have a good weekend!!Mwacks!!