March 7, 2009

okays, i've only got Fifteen minutes to blog cause i've got to prepare to head out to DFS to get my makeup. I've decided to buy another tub of the lip conditioner from M.A.C....Here's are some of my Hello Kitty makeups which I bought :)

It was really crowded and almost lots of the items were sold out :) and I so thank-god that I managed to pre-order my stuffs :)

From top, is the HelloKitty bag which you'll get if you spend more than $120.

Blusher: Fun & Games $38

Eyeshadow pallet : Lucky Tom $69

Lip Condition : Popster $28

I'm thinking of getting either Popster/Pinkfish :)

I'm such a brat. Anyways, I'll update later and i'm so thinking of getting a car once I get my effin" licence. Sick and still sick of the buses and trains....Enjoy yr weekends :)