August 31, 2008

Not just another day...

Went to Vivocity with baby and we rushed to have dinner as I didn't manage to reserve any tables for us and we so wanted to avoid the horrid queue. Overall, I didn't really like the service there as it was pretty slow and they weren't really sure what they were even doing :(

However, I must say the food made up for everything. Overall, I'll rate it 9/10. Food was extremely yummy. Especially the crepe and mushroom soup!

Enjoy the pictures...and they're making me feel so hungry again :(

Smoked salmon with Rosti and Sour cream...
The name says it all....Yummy..

Grilled Chicken Breast with Onion Sauce and mash potato..Yummy and Oh-so-good...

Crepe with melted mixed cheese with smoked Ham and cream sauce...Cheese overload...I like...Who doesn't like ham+cheese?

Baby enjoying his Cream of Mushroom soup..Rich creamy mushroon soup!!

My Haul from Daiso.A new pretty pink basket for all my cosmetics :)

Anyways, after shopping , we had Ben and Jerry's. As usual I had my strawberry cheesecake. So nice and sinful. I likey...After walking round and round, I realised I had totally nothing to buy :(

So, we went to Toys "R" Us. Saw this cute coin machine and baby bought me this :)

Going out later..So happy...This is the best weekend of my life :)

Hv fun people!! :)