July 6, 2008

Pops and prances

Phy is happy.Happy that I got to spend time out with my baby teddy bear. Sad as I couldn't buy anything other than accesories. Didn't buy anything from Mango as the jeans I wanted were too too skinny and unfortunately, I'm not skinny enough.

Wanted to buy a halter but I knew I wouldn't wear it and it'll just be left hanging around.Somewhere...deep down in the closet.Queued up for 20minutes just to try the clothes. Damn, I feel so bad...cause i'm not skinny enough.I'm not having an eating disorder. I'm just so sad that I couldn't fit into the damn jeans!!

I'll be lying if I said I didn't love the dress...

Anyways, got pretty annoyed with people staring at my chest. It's the dress for heaven's sake.Grow up people!So freaking annoying.Hmmpf!!Baby and I wanted to have dinner at Marche. My favourite favourite place for rosti potatoes with smoked salmon and not to forget my yummy mushroom soup. Too bad we couldn't have dinner there as it was a tad too crowded.

Ended up,dining at some Japanese restaurant. Food was pretty good but i'll definitely not return to that place. I don't find it good enough.So yupp, you get my point. Had Ben and Jerry's after dinner and baby and I took our ice creams and sat outside. A nice place facing the sea. We had fun crapping and laughing. I told him, I still remembered the first time we hung out together at Vivo.
My smiley baby...

My yummy Japanese curry katsu don =)

Too tired and feeling all nice in baby's jacket...

Met up with Genie baby to pass her the little gift I bought for her. She's such a sweetie. Had to wear baby's jacket (The one I bought) as I was freaking freezed up and I wanted to avoid annoying stares. I cannot stand people who can't leave me alone.

It's going to be 1am soon and i've got to go to church tomorrow. So happy *Smiles*I might be closing my blog soon or changing it to some other place where I can lock my journal. Too many people intruding into my life. I need some privacy too!Apparently, I have a life. So if you've read my blog or if you're still reading, not to be rude but please do not ask me anything about my life or whatsoever. I am a human being just like you...I don't think anyone would like to be questioned about on every inch and detail of their lives =)

Thanks babe for the wish and to the others who wished me!Aiya i'm getting married finally...haha...

I'm still busy and i'm going to get everything done soon. I've got plans for the next 2 years.It's hard but i'm getting ass on it. Without anyone's help. Ridiculous or insane, that's what people would think. Only the closest people know what's going on. I've seen enough of plastic people. Another few more won't matter. Seriously, Bring it on.

Clubbing again with girls and the boys. Hope I won't miss the special finale and I swear not to get drunk again cause i'm not going to miss the fun!Baby will be going and I don't think he'll be too happy if i'm gonna overload myself again.Sheesh!

Anyways,Goodnight people...mwacks...xoxoxo