July 8, 2008

Happy Vibes

I've been so happy!Yayyee...Yes, i'm very busy with many things on hand =)

Feeling all the happy vibes and having happy people around me makes life so much happy. Gone are the sad days feel with sorrow and misery.So happy. Had dinner with Guy and yes, his name is "Guy" and he's going back to Aussie soon...so sad...I'm just so freaking happy cause it feels awesome to be somewhere.

Anyways, my fat boy not very slim must be sleeping and we're hanging out this Friday!Yayyee...Going to watch movie again!! Called ___ today..haha miss tt guy man!!

I'll will blog soon again and with pictures...hmmm with pictures but not too many..Too many people are recognizing me on the streets...haha...nice to meet you people but I need some privacy alrights?

Have fun people!!Love ya lots...

Sasa, clubbing next week...or at least soon?Love ya baby cuppycake!
and would someone be so nice to buy an Iphone or I touch for me?hurhur...so tired..night night!